Thursday, February 6, 2014


"To me, the funny thing about that record is the Public Enemy, the whole Public Enemy thing wasn’t even intentional. What happened was Jay had the record and he’s in one room and he’s got this hook called ”Show Me What You Got.“ I’m in the other room and I’m messing with the horns from ”Darkest Light,“ which P.E. used for ”Show ‘Em What Ya Got” on [It Takes] A Nation of Millions [To Hold Us Back]. I didn’t know what he was thinking, he didn’t know what I was thinking. So when I walked in the room and he’s sitting there doing the, you know: (sings) “Show me what ya got / Show me what ya got,” and I’m like: “Wait a minute.” I’m in the other room with the horns, so I was like: “Alright, this is something that has to be.”

- Just Blaze for RBMA, 2006.
 Justin Smith the First: taming rappers' egos since '99. Session transcript Melbourne 2006, [Online].

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